Elul Reflection for 29 Elul (Erev Rosh Hashanah)

"There are three ways of repairing that which has been divided and separated from God. The first is the repair of the self. The second is the repair of the world. And the third is the repair of the divine presence. All were united in the divine Ein Sof before the cataclysm of creation produced chaos."

                                                --Yeshaya Horowitz (1560-1630), Two Tablets of the Covenant

The concept of "Tikkun" literally means to 'rectify' or repair. Tikkun describes how we can attempt to achieve spiritual perfection both in ourselves and in the material world. The mystics would have it that this is achieved by living a spiritual life and getting as close to God or Godly behaviour as possible. Jewish mystics believe that each of us needs to live a holy life in order to accomplish tikkun, the recreation of the world as a perfect whole.

As we approach the High Holidays so aptly named the Days of 'Awe', what is it in ourselves that we need to repair? What of the world around us can we help to repair?  And how can we, perhaps through our spiritual lives, modeling and interactions help to repair the divine presence?

May this year be a year filled with tikkun -healing and repair for each of us and all those we love.


--Cantor Michel Laloum


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