Elul Reflection: 8 Elul 5777

This poem from Marcia Falk encapsulates the journey we are on during these days of reflection and contemplation, as we consider who we are and our place in the world.


Nothing. You began as nothing and you will end as nothing. And in between-everything and nothing. In between--joy and sorrow, beauty and decay. Everything yours to partake of, yours to bear. Yours to see, to know, to give birth to- and to let go. None of it is yours to have.

Not even you are yours to have. You belong to a wholeness so great you cannot even conceive of it.

No, it is not a belonging; nothing owns you. You are simply a part of it. You came out of it and you will return to it. You do not ever leave it, you are a part of it forever.

And this is your moment to be alive.

(“The Days Between,” Marcia Falk Pg. 185)

This is our moment to be alive and our moment to consider what is our life? What are our hopes, our dreams and our longings? We remember we are nothing but dust but know we are more than dust. We marvel at our smallness and exalt in our greatness. We like God, weigh up our deeds, we consider and reflect, we place our moments on the scales, which way will they fall? What is the balance of our days? Of what are we proud, of what are we ashamed? What are our successes and what our failures? We write and record, we journey back to the past and only then are we ready to look to the future.

These days are ours, these moments are a time to reflect, to feel our smallness and to understand our greatness, our potential and to celebrate who we are.

--Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio


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