About the Biennial

The Beatles sang “8 Days a Week”, Shakespeare wrote “forever and a day” and today our catchphrase for total immersion is “24/7” – the UPJ Biennial titled “Progressing Judaism: 8 Days a Week” will explore how we can expand our Jewish values beyond our one-day observance of Shabbat, incorporating our Jewish identity into a myriad of interactions with the world around us. The Biennial Conference will focus on being a Jew in today's complex, modern, fast-paced society, and will feature dynamic and engaging speakers from our region and beyond. The in-person conference will be held in Sydney on 17-20 November, at the Novotel Brighton Beach. Additional information about how to register, accommodation, program and FAQs are provided below.

In order to assist those who still cannot attend in person, some of the sessions will be streamed for virtual attendance.

The Biennial Organising Committee, led by co-chairs Susan Kadar and Dorothy Graff, are busy putting together a vibrant and engaging program, this year focusing on one of the goals identified by the UPJ Executive Committee: increasing our self-perception of the importance of being Jewish. 

The enthusiastic response to Rabbi Sergio Bergman's two-week visit to Australia in March when he spoke on behalf of the UIA Progressive Appeal prompted the UPJ to ask him to return for the Biennial, providing an even wider reach for his inspiring messages. 

The Biennial Conference will focus on being Jewish in today's complex, modern, fast-paced society, and will feature Rabbi Sergio Bergman, president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, as well as dynamic and engaging speakers from our region and beyond.

When asked to describe the essence of Progressive Judaism, Rabbi Bergman said: “We are Jewish in what we do. We don’t just read Torah, we are Torah. We write on the scroll of our days as practitioners of vibrant, diverse, and meaningful Progressive lives. We lead Jewish lives rooted in our millennia-old tradition, while cherishing our contemporary, egalitarian, and inclusive approach.” 

With your support and participation, we will achieve our goals and create an opportunity to connect, not only with your local community, but with Progressive Jews from across Australia, Asia, New Zealand and worldwide.