Elul Reflections: 3 Elul 5780

"Sound the shofar on the new moon, at the time appointed for our festive day"
(Psalms 81:4).

It is customary to listen to the shofar being blown every day from the new moon that signifies the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul till the Jewish New Year. (The exception is Shabbat). Each day of this month is a chance to reflect on the meaning of the shofar and how it can activate us in our process of teshuvah – repentance or “returning to our essence."

Reb Nachman of Breslov teaches about the symbolism of the shofar. A person blows into the narrow end of the shofar, and the sound comes out the wider end. This connects to the Torah verse: “from the narrow places I call on Yah, and I am answered in the expanse of Yah.” The Shofar symbolizes the possibility of experiencing challenging times, tight spaces. Then as time passes, we might transition into feelings of lightness, where solutions and possibilities become evident.

During this period where many of us are in some form of restriction in terms of congregating, I invite you to find a way to be inspired by the sound of shofar during Elul – by either hearing it in person or through the internet.

As you hear the shofar, reflect on the verse: “From the narrow places I call on Yah, and I am answered in the expanse of Yah”  (Psalms 118:5).

Blessings for a meaningful month,

-- Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff, Emanuel Synagogue, Woollhara, New South Wales


Click on the sound file below to listen to Rabbi Gersh Lazarow sounding the shofar:

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