Elul Reflections: 24 Elul 5780

Elul and the 4 Angels

This is a teaching based on the 4-angels traditional prayer said before going to sleep:

May Michael be on my right
Gavriel on my left
Uriel in front of me
Raphael behind me
And the Divine Presence above my head

Each angel is connected to a different quality:

Michael – the angel of love
Gavriel - the angel of strength
Uriel - the angel of light; and
Raphael - the angel of healing.

During the month of reflection and teshuvah atonement, we can be inspired by the angels.

Remember, Teshuvah, is a process of connecting with our essence.

(You might also like to journal as you reflect.)

Michael, the angel of love, inspires us to reflect on the different aspects of love in our lives: love of family, a partner, friends, a pet, love for community and for nature. What aspects of love bring you closer to your essence and allow the love in your heart to shine?

Gavriel, the angel of strength: Connect with your inner core and your strength. When have you been courageous over the last year? How could you improve your strength?

Uriel, the angel of light: Consider the things in your life that bring light and lightness to your being.

Raphael, the angel of healing: Ask yourself when, over the last year, have you brought healing to others? What brings healing to you?

And the Divine Presence, Shechinah, above all the angels, harmonising between the different forces. Consider when you felt a sense of harmony and Oneness in the last year. How can you build on this to increase inner peace into the year ahead?

If you would like to join classes in Jewish meditation, feel free to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wishing you an inspired month of Elul,

Rabbi Dr. Orna Triguboff

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