Elul Reflections: Reflection 1

“A song of David; 
Adonai, who will sojourn in Your tent, 
who will dwell upon Your holy mount?
One who walks uprightly and works righteousness, 
and speaks truth in his heart”.   (Psalm 15) 

Z’man Elul is the time when we are asked to speak truth in our hearts. To be honest. This is my honest truth. 
It has been a challenging and complicated year for me. 
I wasn’t always at my best. I have made mistakes. 
I needed time-outs more than I was willing to admit. 
Some days I felt everything at once, other days, I felt nothing at all.
Some days I held it together, and some days I didn’t. 
There were days I was searching for a shimmering light in dark places, in others I was in the most amazing place. 
There were moments when I knew exactly what I wanted,a nd I was sure.
There were moments  when I had no clue what I wanted, and I was confused. 
There were times I preyed with anger and frustration,
And there were times I prayed with gratitude and thankfulness.
(How many times have you thought to yourself - yup…?)

This is life, and it will all happen again. It will get complicated. We will need time-outs. We will be weak. And we will be strong. 

Telling the truth in our hearts will help to bring closure to a year in a life, it will help to learn and to grow. It is a way to start a new year a bit wiser and with better tools to face reality with its joys and challenges. Heading toward a new year, May it be a better year, a good year, Shanah Tovah. 

-- Rabbi Adi Cohen, Temple Shalom Gold Coast, Queensland

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