Drash on Parashat Vayigash 2020

Drash on Parashat Vayigash 2020
Genesis 44: 18–47: 27

Rabbi Benjamin Meijer Verbrugge 

Judah approached Joseph to ask for Benjamin's release by offering himself as a slave to the ruler of Egypt in place of Benjamin. After witnessing his brothers' loyalty to one another, Joseph revealed his identity to them. "I'm Yusuf," he said. "Is my father still alive?"

The brothers were overcome with shame and regret, but Joseph comforted them. "You didn't send me here," he told them, "but G-d. They have been ordained from Above to save us, and the whole region, from hunger. "

The brothers soon returned to Canaan with news. Jacob came to Egypt with his sons and their family - seventy in all - and was reunited with his beloved son after 22 years.

How did Joseph have such faith? On his way to Egypt he received the divine promise: “Fear not to come down to Egypt; for there I will make you a great nation. I will go down with you to Egypt, and I will also bring you up again. "  Joseph amassed Egypt's wealth by selling food and seeds during the famine. Pharaoh gave Jacob's family Goshen fertile land to live in, and the children of Israel prospered in their Egyptian exile.



Although in no physical danger, Judah at last realized that losing his younger brother Binyamin would ruin his father's life. We learn that standing up to fight for justice and admitting guilt is very important, even though you yourself may not benefit yourself from it (44:18


Kabbalah said every time Rabbi Eliezer reads this text, he cries: "If a human rebuke could be so powerful, how much more powerful would it be if God rebuked / rebuked!" (Babylonian Talmud, Haggigah 4b).

Of course there are clear differences here. Joseph's brothers had hurt and injured Joseph, and Joseph had the authority to avenge their past actions. It is also ridiculous to think that we actually “harm” God when we sin and go against God’s will. According to the Kabbalah, we are not actually able to harm God. However the sins we commit in fact “destroy” the Ten Sefirot,  namely the Light of God, so that it cannot work and shine upon us. Therefore, isn’t it time for you to look to your deeds?


After twenty-two years separated from his family as a result of the actions of his brothers, Joseph still managed to encounter them appropriately. Undeterred by a thought or plan of revenge, Joseph spoke to them with a soft, sensitive, and sensitive voice. It is a powerful model of forgiveness and reconciliation. (45: 5-8) 



Athletes have much to teach us: Sometimes it is necessary to take a temporary step back, so that you can reset your steps to produce a great leap. When an athlete is arranging his jump plan, he needs to take a step back to produce a stronger jump

We can learn from Yusuf: the path to achieving your overall goal, even though it is actually intended for your community as a whole, must begin with a focus on yourself, on all members of your family and on the environment around you. Remember YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY

We Jews are each a light and our lights will become brighter if we keep coming together as one community one family to grow together.

Support your family and UPJ community by giving, loving, motivating, educating, advising and promoting one another.

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