Netzer's recent online Winter Camp 'like no other'

Federal Mazkir Lior Kalisse reported on the unique and very successful online Netzer Winter Camp, Machane Messiba Ba'bayit, which saw 34 senior madrichim and 10 junior madrichim lead an inspiring online camp experience for more than 120 attendees from five different countries.

This year we embarked on one of our most ambitious and challenging projects yet. The pandemic has forced us to look at the (Netzer) world through a much more creative lens. With this renewed outlook Machane Mesiba Ba’bayit was born.

The incredible and transformative experience that is a Netzer camp could not be left behind. Our outstanding team of 34 senior madrichim and 10 madatzim (junior madrichim) worked tirelessly for months on end to ensure our Roshot’s (Milli and Vicky) vision for camp came to life.  

This winter camp was like no other. With over 100 participants online from all over Australia and 2 from Singapore we were able to connect chanichimot and bring our community even closer regardless of physical proximity.

Prior to camp, participants received unique camp packages that included merchandise and specific materials. These materials were used throughout the camp to create an immersive camp experience. Participants got to know others within their year groups and took part in fun, educational activities. These included learning about Tikkun Olam and the impact we can have. We embarked on a virtual tour of the Jerusalem streets. They participated in challenges and zoom escape rooms. Our participants were beyond excited to be involved throughout the three online days and made some incredible new friends. 

In this camp season we also became the only Australian youth movement to get close to our usual numbers, this is a testament to this community’s strength and commitment to Netzer. We thank you for your support because without it, we would not have been able to provide camp to all our chanichimot.

Shabbat on camp is always a massive highlight, camp being online gave us the opportunity to share that experience with the whole Netzer family. This month we ran our Sprout Kabbalat Shabbat in tandem with camp. Over 120 people were in attendance from 5 different countries; the evening was truly unforgettable. 

Our upcoming summer camps are currently in the process of being planned as in person camps.

We would like to take this opportunity to again thank you for your support and we hope to see you in person this summer!

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