No Amnesty for Amnesty

UPJ Co-President David Knoll writes: Let’s not kid ourselves.  Not for the first time, Amnesty International has attacked the Jewish state in a way it attacks no other. Not for the first time, Amnesty has taken the position that all peoples, but not the Jewish people, are entitled to the right of self-determination. The question is not whether Amnesty International's report is Antisemitic. The question is why is Amnesty is so hell bent on being Antisemitic?

As ECAJ co-CEO Alex Ryvchin wrote in the Daily Telegraph on 4 February 2022:

In the wake of Amnesty’s report, the concern for the Jewish world, is that we will see further hatred and violence. After all, the apartheid slur has a dark history. Rev. Al Sharpton accused the Jewish community of apartheid in a speech credited with inciting the Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn in 1991. Three days of deadly rioting ensued. The accusation is laced with history, invoking the sorrow of black subjugation, white supremacy, daily humiliations and the rage of injustice. Sharpton knew this. Amnesty knows this too.

Amnesty has now forced the Jewish world to deny that its people are capable of committing the crime of apartheid, to deny that the very creation of a Jewish State is a racist undertaking and a cosmic injustice for which the Jewish world must repent or face boycotts and further marginalisation. The choice before the Jewish people and their allies is whether to persist with those denials, stand before their sinister accusers with pockets turned out, or to stand upright in dignity.”

Yoseph Haddad, the CEO of the NGO Together - Vouch for Each Other, which aims to create a better understanding and cooperation between Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews. the CEO of the NGO Together - Vouch for Each Other, which aims to create a better understanding and cooperation between Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews, wrote in the Jerusalem Post on 2 February, 2022:

“I was born an Israeli, and I will remain an Israeli. I am entitled to all the same rights as any citizen of Israel. I was a soldier in Israel’s Defense Forces protecting the north of Israel, where most of the Israeli-Arab community lives, from terrorist rockets attacks by Hezbollah.

A recent report by the NGO Israel Democracy Institute showed that the majority of Israeli Arabs do not, in fact, identify as Palestinian but as Arab or Israeli Arab. Only 7% of those surveyed even identify as Palestinian. A subsequent poll showed that 81% of Israeli Arabs prefer to live in Israel over living in the US or in any other Western country. I guess life isn’t that bad under “Israeli domination,” contrary to the lies Amnesty spreads about our lives in the only democracy in the Middle East. 

Amnesty’s report includes numerous falsehoods and cherry-picks incidents that fit its narrative to delegitimize Israel. For example, Amnesty repeatedly mentions physical segregation between Arabs and Jews. Their “researchers” should visit an Israeli hospital where a Muslim Arab woman can receive the best care from a Jewish doctor, or an ultra-orthodox Jewish child can be treated by an Arab doctor. 

In our Arab-Israeli community, the majority of citizens want to live in peace with Jews. Many want to be, and already are, an integral part of Israeli society. Instead of promoting cooperation and a vision for a better future, organizations like Amnesty International delegitimize the only democratic state in the Middle East, trying to brand it as an “apartheid” state.”

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